YouTube Music launches desktop downloads, improving the offline listening experience for web users

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Aiming to enhance user convenience, YouTube Music, Google's leading music streaming service, has launched offline music downloads for its desktop website. This development aligns the web experience with the functionality available in its mobile application, allowing users to store their favorite songs and playlists for offline listening.

After a testing period, the feature was widely released on March 29. Although not yet universally available, some users have reported encountering a notification prompting them to explore the new capability alongside their Library tab, 9to5Google reports.

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Simple savings process

The process of saving music for offline use is straightforward. Users simply need to navigate to the desired album or single page and locate the download button between the “Save to Library” and three-dot menu options.

Previously, offline listening was limited to the mobile app, leaving desktop users without this convenience. Now, similar to the mobile experience, downloaded content on the web will have its own dedicated “Downloads” section in the library, facilitating easy access and organization.

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Better accessibility and functionality

Offline downloads on the web platform contribute to YouTube Music's 10-device download limit, a generous allotment that should suit the majority of users. However, as with the mobile app, downloaded content will expire if the device fails to connect to the Internet at least once every 30 days.

This introduction marks an important milestone, especially considering the lack of native desktop applications for YouTube Music. Previously, Chromebook users had to resort to downloading an Android app as an alternative.

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While downloading songs is thought to require a YouTube Premium subscription, it remains unclear whether the feature will include podcast downloads. Compatible with Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Opera browsers, this update aims to improve the accessibility and functionality of the YouTube Music web platform.

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