Y Combinator's Gary Tan chastises San Francisco legislator again — this time over email bill | Tech Crunch

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Y Combinator President Gary Tan Taken to social platform X On Tuesday, he again expressed his displeasure with the elected officials who represent San Francisco, home to the storied accelerator.

This time he lambasted California State Assemblyman Matt Haney, who represents San Francisco, over a proposed late-night email bill.

The tweet read, “Legalize hard work. Haney is again spouting nonsense from the man who killed algebra and created the fentanyl crisis in the Tenderloin. Then he Thread posted “Is this a foreign OP or what?”

Honey is what you might call Tan's “favorite punching bag.” Back in 2016, Haney led the San Francisco Public Schools board as the district discussed moving algebra out of middle school. The course was later resumed in 2024. That Tan was not a fan of that earlier move was evident in several tweets. April 2023, October 2022 And June 2021.

Meanwhile, in 2022, Haney was appointed to lead California's opioid committee, which Tan He tweeted, “Politics as usual putting an incompetent Soupy who presided over 1000s of fentanyl deaths in his SF district in charge of the CA Opioid Commission. Matt Haney did nothing to support recovery and treatment…”

Haney defended her work in combating the opioid crisis in a February LinkedIn post. In it, he cited AB 1976, which he explained “builds on existing requirements for California employers to have 'adequate first aid equipment' for workers.” His goal is to make kits containing the life-saving drug naloxone available as a “fire extinguisher.”

What angered Tan this time was Haney's proposed bill, AB 2751, which would allow employees the “right to disconnect” after agreed work hours. They have a legal right to ignore subsequent calls, emails, texts or messages, except in emergencies, and employers who violate them could be subject to fines, the San Francisco Standard reported.

Honey told the publication, “If you're working a 9-to-5 job, don't think you're working 24/7. It should be accessible to all irrespective of the presence of smartphones.

It's worth pointing out that the bill isn't so much about banning people from working longer hours if they choose as it is about prohibiting companies from imposing an always-available expectation on workers, as Tan suggests. However, this idea runs counter to the startup hustle culture that is part of the YC world, which values ​​dedication to work, especially in the early years.

Tan's latest tweet, which finds fault with California lawmakers, is not unique. He took a violent tone about the seven San Francisco supervisors in X in January. He later apologized, explaining that the tweet was an obvious reference to a popular rap song and later deleted it.

But it didn't end there. In February, three San Francisco supervisors received threatening letters at their homes that included a photo of Tan and the phrase, “I wish you and your loved ones a slow, painful death.”

TechCrunch spoke to San Francisco board supervisor Aaron Peskin about the letter at the time, and Peskin said he didn't think Tan was directly responsible for anyone sending the letter. However, with a threatening tone directed at an individual, not just a speech on a policy, Tan's tweet “damaged democratic discourse,” Peskin said.

Efforts to reach both Tan and Honey for comment went unanswered at the time of publication. Y Combinator declined to comment.

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