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X is offering free blue checks to users who have more than 2500 “verified” followers (or, people who subscribe to X Premium). So, basically this means if you are a popular poster, you get a blue check. This means that these lucky people are making silly posts to make it clear that they didn't buy a blue check — the blue check There is Phogist on them.

“Some personal news: I'm now a serial small business founder in Arizona who posted fatherhood, faith and what it takes to get a roofing company to $100 million ARR,” says Tom Gara, a newly minted blue check. has been posted.

“It's a punishment for over-posting,” says another reluctant blue checker, Katie Notopoulos. wrote.

Back in the day, Twitter's blue check indicated a user was influential in some way. Now, this may sound foreign in the age of the blue check paid for, but trust me: in the olden days of 2022, I was there when X was Twitter and there were real advertisers, not just an ad group for Twitter. Drop-shipped AliExpress products. Back then, blue checks helped us determine whether public figures were actually who they said they were. If someone is popular on Twitter because they are a celebrity, influencer or journalist, they get a blue check, which also helps reduce the spread of misinformation.

To this day, having a blue check means one of a few things: you're desperate to feel important, you really want to use X's premium features, you're worth giving Elon Musk $8 a month, or you're 'a crypto spam bot.

Now, we're not back to square one, but Elon has, in fact, reinvented the original purpose of the blue check. Furthermore, you still won't recognize a “real” blue check from a reply person who really wants you to buy their MemeCoin.

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