WhatsApp introduces new Favorite Contacts feature for quick calls and posts; Know what's coming

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Last year, we saw WhatsApp making some amazing changes. One of the biggest transformations of the app is the introduction of channels. While the company is still working on many new features, it is rumored that WhatsApp may introduce Favorite Contacts feature just like we create favorite contacts to speed dial or make quick calls. This new feature of WhatsApp aims to improve users' calling experience through the app. Learn more about this feature and when it will be officially available for all devices.

WhatsApp's favorite contacts feature

According to a WABetaInfo report, WhatsApp for iOS is testing a new feature called Favorite Contacts on the beta tracking website of the beta app. This new feature allows users to make quick calls through the app, making the call experience quick and easy. With this feature WhatsApp users can select their favorite contacts and people from the list. For easy access, favorite contacts are conveniently placed at the top of the Calls tab. It provides users with a quick and intuitive one-tap solution to make instant calls within the app. Users can easily make video and audio calls with contacts of their choice through the new hassle-free WhatsApp feature.

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WhatsApp's Favorite Contacts feature improves users' calling experience and makes quick calls convenient. As of now, the new WhatsApp feature is in the testing phase and it is expected to be rolled out in a future update. Additionally, it's unclear how users will create favorite contacts, but users are expected to be able to add them to a new list after long-pressing on a particular contact. However, this will be confirmed once the feature is officially available on the devices.

WhatsApp is also reportedly testing the Pinned Events in Community feature where users can locate events in community groups and this will be displayed on top of WhatsApp.

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