To crack down against AI fakes on Instagram, Facebook and threads, Meta wants users to do this

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Elections are approaching in various parts of the world and the concern about AI deepfakes is increasing every day. To tackle AI fakes, the Meta platform has taken a big step by demanding users disclose AI-generated content being uploaded on Instagram, Facebook and threads. Meta said that strict action will be taken against users who do not disclose watermarked AI images, videos or audio. Additionally, it is building a tool to identify AI content across all platforms. Find out what Meta has planned to tackle deepfakes.

AI picks up meta duplicates

According to a report by The Verge, Meta will begin highlighting AI-generated content to improve transparency across their various platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Threads. The company said it will take punitive action against users who upload fake content. Meta's president of global affairs, Nick Clegg, said in an interview that these steps will help the tech industry distinguish between AI and reality. Additionally, the White House has also asked companies to integrate AI watermarks into images and videos.

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With this initiative, MetaImagine will start watermarking images with “Imagined with AI” generated from the AI ​​generator. It will also begin recognizing content generated from other AI tools from Google, OpenAI, Microsoft, Adobe, Midjourney and Shutterstock. Clegg said, “For those who are concerned that the video and audio content is designed to materially mislead the public on a matter of political importance ahead of an election, we remain extremely vigilant.” Also, Meta develops tools to identify synthetic media, no matter how much the metadata is modified to hide the use of AI. Chegg also highlighted actions related to content uploaded with disclosures, “the range of applicable penalties runs the gamut from warnings to removal,” he said.

This move by Meta brings more credibility and transparency to the social media space as the user can determine what is real and what is fake. This will also reduce the spread of fake news.

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