Three asteroids could pass Earth today, NASA reveals; Check speed, size, distance and more

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NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory continuously provides details of asteroid procedures. Yesterday, March 28, three asteroids are predicted to make their closest approach to Earth. Today, another batch of asteroids is on its way and ready to cross our planet. Tracking celestial bodies such as asteroids and comets is necessary to protect Earth from potential hazards that could lead to significant damage. Today, three asteroids are expected to make their closest passes to Earth. From size to speed, learn about these intimate approaches.

Asteroid 2024 FK: Details

The first asteroid detected was 2024 Fk, NASA said. The space rock is 94 feet wide, which is about the size of a large airplane. According to the Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS), the asteroid is moving at a speed of 69047 kilometers per hour and it will come very close to Earth today. Asteroid 2024 FK is expected to come as close as 1.2 million kilometers to Earth. It belongs to the Apollo group of near-Earth asteroids.

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Asteroid 2024 FB1: Details

The second asteroid on the list is 2024 FB1. This space rock is going to make a very close pass by the Earth today. According to reports, the asteroid is moving at a speed of 47455 kilometers per hour. NASA's JPL predicts that the asteroid 2024 FB1 will come within 2.9 million kilometers of Earth today.

Asteroid 2024 FB1 is reported to be 100 feet across. However, space rock also poses no threat to our planet. It also belongs to the Apollo group of near-Earth asteroids.

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Asteroid 2024 ED4: Details

The last asteroid predicted to come close to Earth today is identified as Asteroid 2024 ED4. The space rock is 62 feet in size and it is moving at a speed of 28102 kilometers per hour. According to reports, the asteroid will come close to Earth at a distance of 5.5 million kilometers. However, it poses no harm to our planet because it is not a “potentially hazardous” space rock.

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