Surprise! YouTube integrates TikTok-like live video previews into the Shorts feed

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Improved search for live streams

The inclusion of live video previews in the Shorts feed expands discovery options for users, giving them easy access to live streams while engaging with short-form content. While creators have long had the ability to livestream in a vertical format, this enhancement aims to improve discoverability by displaying live streams directly in the Shorts feed.

This approach mirrors the strategy followed by TikTok, which has proven successful in driving engagement with live streaming. Inspired by its success in the Chinese market, TikTok has made significant efforts to prioritize live streaming. While Western audiences show varying degrees of interest in live streaming, seamlessly integrating live streams into the content feed provides a non-disruptive way to encourage creators to experiment with the feature.

YouTube expands podcasting features

In addition to this development, YouTube announced another update that allows podcasters to upload their RSS feed directly through YouTube Studio. By connecting their podcast feed to the platform, creators can create static images for each episode, expand distribution channels for their content, and give audiences additional ways to access their podcasts.

The move underscores YouTube's commitment to improving its podcasting capabilities, while leveraging the platform's growing popularity as an audio listening destination, particularly through YouTube Music. Building on previous improvements such as the ability to create podcast playlists and access podcast analytics, this update further solidifies YouTube's position as a viable platform for podcast distribution.

For creators already established on YouTube for video content, leveraging the platform's podcasting features provides an opportunity to broaden their audience reach and connect with new listeners through the YouTube app. This integration underscores YouTube's dedication to providing creators with versatile tools to diversify their content offerings and engage with audiences across multiple formats.

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