Studying for the TOEFL? Get yourself some AI power, revolutionize your test preparation

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Aspiring candidates preparing for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) online exam now have access to an AI-driven platform, TOEFL TestReady, for personalized study help, according to an announcement by ETS, the exam's governing body.

TOEFL TestReady offers a range of free and paid services to help test takers improve their English skills in reading, listening, speaking and writing. The platform combines existing TOEFL iBT preparation resources with novel features to provide a comprehensive preparation experience.

Key features of the platform:

Daily Scoring Activities: Includes tasks such as listening to lectures with fully evaluated question sets or supplementary questions.

Personalized Preparation Plans: Study schedules tailored to individual needs.

Access to videos, courses, books, tips and progress tracking tools.

Paid offerings include:

Section Tests: Providing scores and insights after completing all test sections.

Section Practice: Providing feedback and insights at the question/task level in specific sections along with sample responses.

Focused Practice: Providing feedback and insights on specific question/task types to help improve the goal.

“TOEFL TestReady has emerged as a comprehensive test preparation platform, using AI to provide personalized insights and targeted recommendations, aimed at enhancing proficiency in high-stakes TOEFL testing,” ETS said in its official statement.

Free offerings include daily scoring activity, personalized preparation plans tailored to individual needs, and a range of study materials including videos, courses, books and progress tracking. Additionally, paid services include section tests, section practices with detailed feedback, and focused practice sessions targeting specific question types.

According to ETS, TOEFL TestReady aims to optimize test-takers' skill levels by providing personalized insights and targeted recommendations through AI integration. Early research suggests a correlation between higher scores on the platform and better performance on the actual test.

ETS emphasizes the platform's ability to integrate performance metrics and provide appropriate guidelines to address individual skills gaps while monitoring progress. The TOEFL iBT test, administered by computer, assesses candidates' English language proficiency, which is often a requirement for international employment and educational opportunities.

Acceptable TOEFL or IELTS scores are generally mandatory criteria for obtaining study or work visas in countries such as the US, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, regardless of an individual's English language education background.

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