Shortwave Email AI Features Expanded! Get instant summaries, AI autocomplete and more now

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) apps are working in a big way online. ChatGPT, Google Bard and Midjourney are just a few top AI tool examples. The technology isn't just being used to create new apps, but it's also being integrated into legacy platforms like Adobe, Meta, Alphabet and Microsoft — all in an effort to make things easier for users to increase productivity and reduce manually intensive tasks. One such app aimed at increasing productivity and efficiency is called Shortwave, and it was launched last year by former Google employees with the aim of supercharging email productivity. Now, AI Assistant for Emails is getting a bunch of new AI features. Check full details below.

Shortwave: New Features

1. Quick Summaries – One of the features that comes with Shortwave is instant summary. Until now, ShortWave allowed users to generate summaries with the push of a button. But with a new feature, it automatically generates one-line summaries of an email or thread. To get the longer version, you need to tap on the previously generated one. Users can also ask questions about email.

While the long version is generated with the help of GPT-4 Turbo, the short version uses open source models as well as Shortwave's own GPU. This may help them to cut costs.

2. Deployment of AI Assistant – Additionally, ShortWave is expanding its AI assistant to its Android and iOS apps as well. Launched in September last year, the AI ​​assistant can find, read, analyze and report emails in seconds. It is useful in finding information that cannot be easily found through traditional keyword searches. You can also use an AI assistant to help you research common knowledge questions without leaving your email.

3. AI Autocomplete – With the update, the AI ​​autocomplete feature is also available. Users will now see suggestions automatically presented to them when they compose emails. You can press 'tab' to finish. Shortwave says these AI suggestions are intelligent and based on previous emails written by users so that it sounds like the user. It is powered by Shortwave's Ghostwriter AI personalization technology.

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