Satya Nadella completes a magical 10-year stint as Microsoft CEO; Here's what he brings to the tech titan

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From Google to Microsoft, CEOs of Indian origin are leading the biggest tech companies with their expertise. Leading the pack is Satya Nadella, who recently marked 10 years as CEO of tech giant Microsoft, where he transformed the company into a cloud computing and AI powerhouse. Now, Microsoft has a market value worth $3 trillion and it is constantly growing due to their initiative to become a leader in the artificial intelligence (AI) space. Needless to say, Nadella's creative mind and skills have inspired entrepreneurs and youth around the world. Find out how Microsoft succeeded under Indian-origin CEO Satya Nadella.

Satya Nadella has completed ten years as the CEO of Microsoft

In terms of added market value, under Nadella's leadership, Microsoft's stock jumped 1000 percent, leaving behind various tech giants including Apple. The company is now actively investing in AI, last year introducing AI assistant Copilot for Office tools. With a market value of $3 trillion, Microsoft generated $2.8 trillion in shareholder wealth over the decade, which is huge. Wedbush Securities analyst Daniel Ives said, “Nadella is leading the biggest transformation of a tech company. The only thing that rivals that is (Steve) Jobs coming back to Apple and turning it around with the iPhone.

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Nadella wowed many over the decade with Microsoft's Office tools, but couldn't make it on devices. The company also released open source projects and that changed when it introduced the Azure cloud computing platform. With his engineering mindset and strategies, Nadella built a collaborative environment that brought a cultural revolution to Microsoft. In 2017, Nadella noted his own unique way of doing things early in his career, saying, “Microsoft is known for rallying forces with competitiveness. The press loves it, but it's not me.

Currently, Microsoft is progressing due to its latest AI initiatives, where they are empowering offices with automation and ease of work. Now, the company is working with ChatGPT maker OpenAI to bring more AI revolution to the industry. However, the 10-year milestone did not come easily as he faced various challenges along the way, but he still remains one of the most successful and influential CEOs of all time.

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