Samsung Galaxy S24's call recording capabilities are enhanced with VoWiFi support

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Samsung has improved the call recording functionality on its Galaxy smartphones, allowing users to record calls in VoWiFi (Voice over WiFi) mode. This advancement is exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy S24 series which currently runs on OneUI 6.1 built on Android 14 OS. This feature is expected to extend to older Samsung smartphones in the near future.

Previously, call recording was only possible on Samsung Galaxy devices when VoWiFi was disabled or with the help of third-party applications such as Truecaller. Unlike Google Dialer, Samsung's approach doesn't provide a clear notification to the caller regarding recording status; Once activated, users can seamlessly record voice calls, reported Indian Express.

The ability to record calls in VoWiFi mode can be accessed on Samsung Galaxy smartphones with the latest Dialer application, version 15.1.66 or later. Furthermore, Samsung Galaxy smartphones support call recording for VoLTE (4G) and VoNR (5G) network calls.

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Advantages of VoWiFi Calling

Currently, devices running Samsung OneUI 6 or older iterations display a notification stating 'WiFi calls cannot be recorded' and this functionality is currently limited to only three models. VoWiFi calling can be easily activated through a quick settings panel, making audio and video calls easy through the Samsung Dialer application.

VoWiFi offers advantages over traditional voice calls, particularly in terms of audio quality, especially in indoor settings or areas with sporadic cellular network coverage. Moreover, VoWiFi ensures call continuity, reducing the likelihood of disconnections due to network instability.

To make the process easier, Samsung Galaxy S24 users can automate call recording by following these steps:

Users of Samsung Galaxy S24 phones have the option to automate call recording for incoming and outgoing calls, saving them for future reference without consuming too much storage space. Each recorded call occupies a modest amount of storage, typically measured in kilobytes.

1. Launch the Phone app and navigate to the Keypad menu.

2. Tap the three-dot menu icon at the top and access Settings.

3. Select the Record Calls option from the menu.

4. Activate the Auto record calls toggle switch.

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