OnePlus 11 and 12 to join AI race with update! Know what's coming

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Many leading smartphone manufacturers have introduced AI-powered features to their smartphones, including Google and Samsung. While Apple is rumored to be developing generative AI tools, OnePlus is all set to take a step forward and join the AI ​​race. In a recent leak, it was reported that leading smartphone brand OnePlus is planning to introduce AI features to its premium models OnePlus 11 and 12. Users were expecting AI features to be announced with the OnePlus 12 launch, but nothing much. Integration is provided. But things have changed. Now, see if the company plans to bring AI features to its smartphones.

OnePlus AI features

According to X Post As shared by Mishal Rehman, there are reports that OnePlus is getting a new software update that includes China AI features. The ColorOS update was first seen on OnePlus 11 models and some users have also spotted AI features on OnePlus 12 devices. The source shared a screenshot of the software update which includes various AI features.

Rahman pointed out that the OnePlus 11 has several AI features like Al Summarizer, AIGC remover for photo editing, article summaries, Breno Touch to identify onscreen content and more. These are some of the entry-level AI features that OnePlus is integrating into its devices, however, it is far from being able to compete with the features of Samsung and Google. Along with AI features, the OnePlus 11 and 12 are getting additional smartphone features to enhance the user experience. Rahman said, “The update brings the version to PHB110_14.0.0.403(CN01) and also adds some other features like new “Device Motion & Orientation” permission, ability to use fingerprint unlock without raising the screen. Ability to show screen recording indicator in floating window or status bar and ability to control QQ music in AOD. As of now, it is not certain when these updates will roll out globally and if they will make their way to other flagship smartphones of the brand.

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