Nubank CEO dishes on Neobank profit growth and how tourist VCs in LatAm went home | Tech Crunch

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Hello, and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuances behind the headlines.

This is our interview show where we sit down with a guest, think about their work and unpack the rest.

This week, we spoke with David Velez, co-founder and CEO of Nubank, a $50 billion São Paulo-based digital bank in Brazil that offers consumers credit cards, checking accounts and life insurance.

  • How Nubank was able to grow its market cap by over 40% in eight months and reach $1 billion in net profit by 2023.
  • Why some investors are keeping it in LATAM and why it's still a great place to put venture dollars.
  • Which startups are the most resilient in LatAm and what other regions can learn from them.

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