NASA says three asteroids will pass Earth by the closest margin today; Check speed, size and more

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Yesterday, 3 asteroids passed very close to Earth. Although none of them are considered “potentially hazardous asteroids,” the largest is 150 feet across, almost as big as an airplane. Such close approaches by celestial bodies such as asteroids and comets are a reminder of the dangerous potential they possess and the need to constantly monitor their trajectories. NASA, with the help of its advanced Earth and space-based satellites, today shed light on three asteroids expected to pass Earth on March 28.

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Asteroid 2024 EO3: Details

NASA's Center for Near-Earth Object Studies, or CNEOS, is responsible for calculating the trajectories of celestial objects such as asteroids and comets. It also calculates the probability of impact of these objects. The first asteroid expected to pass Earth today was identified by CNEOS as Asteroid 2024 EO3. It is expected to pass the Earth at a distance of only 3.8 million kilometers. According to the space agency, it is traveling in its orbit around the Sun at a speed of 41166 kilometers per hour.

In terms of size, it is about 120 feet wide, almost as big as an airplane! It belongs to the Apollo group of near-Earth asteroids, which are space rocks that pass by Earth with major partial axes than Earth. These asteroids are named after the massive 1862 Apollo asteroid discovered by German astronomer Carl Reinmuth in the 1930s.

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Asteroid 2024 FN1: Details

The second asteroid predicted to pass Earth today is designated by CNEOS as Asteroid 2024 FN1. In its closest approach, it comes close to 6.1 million kilometers and is already traveling in its orbit at a speed of 23748 kilometers per hour.

In terms of size, asteroid 2024 FN1 is smaller than asteroid 2024 EO3 but still as large as an airplane. Its width is 67 feet. NASA says it also belongs to the Apollo asteroid group.

Asteroid 2024 ES4: Details

The last asteroid to pass Earth today is identified as Asteroid 2024 ES4 and is expected to pass Earth at a distance of about 6.7 million kilometers. It is observed to be traveling in its orbit at a speed of 18474 kilometers per hour.

According to NASA, it belongs to the Amor group of near-Earth asteroids, which are near-Earth asteroids with outer-Earth orbits but orbits in the interior of Mars, named after asteroid 1221 Amor, discovered by Belgian astronomer E. Delporte. In 1932

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Although these asteroids pass close to Earth, none of them impact the surface and cause no damage to life or property.

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