Microsoft Windows 11 transforms virtual meetings with AI-powered voice and other features

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In an effort to transform the virtual meeting experience, Microsoft has unveiled an innovative feature in its latest Canary test build for Windows 11. Microsoft's Windows 11 Voice Clarity feature, previously limited to Surface devices, is now set to improve audio quality across all Windows. including machines powered by ARM CPUs.

According to a recent blog post from Microsoft, the Windows 11 Voice Clarity feature uses “low-complexity AI models” that dynamically filter out background noise, reverberation, and reverberation in real time. This development is poised to address the perennial challenges faced during video conferences on platforms such as Zoom or Teams, where clarity of communication is often compromised due to environmental disturbances.

Imagine a scenario where presentations are compromised by distant voices and echoes, or where your own words get lost between the microphones of other participants. Voice Clarity aims to alleviate these problems by making virtual meetings more engaging and productive.

Not limited to just virtual meetings, this feature extends its utility to PC gaming as well. Users can use Voice Clarity for voice chat during gaming sessions, using AI to suppress unwanted background noise and improve communication clarity.

Windows 11: More than just audio improvements

Beyond the audio improvements, the Canary test build introduces several other important features. Instant access to photos and screenshots from connected Android devices is now seamlessly integrated. Microsoft has also revamped the Windows setup process, boasting a “much cleaner and more modern design.” Furthermore, the update adds support for USB4 at a remarkable 80 Gbps, a significant improvement from the previous 40Gbps, ushering in the next era of high-performance displays, storage and connectivity.

Among the many improvements, Microsoft has not neglected the aspect of accessibility. Narrator feature now provides a richer image consumption experience with two major changes. A new keyboard command facilitates navigation between images/graphics on a screen or page using the “G” or “Shift + G” keys in Scan mode (Narrator key + Spacebar). Additionally, text recognition in images, including handwriting, has seen improvements along with enhanced image descriptions. Users can explore these enhancements by navigating to the image and pressing the Narrator key + CTRL + D key combination, provided an active Internet connection, and enabling the required settings in Narrator Settings.

Microsoft's relentless pursuit of innovation continues to reshape the digital landscape, ensuring Windows 11 remains at the forefront of user experience and technological advancements.

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