Microsoft is killing Wordpad in Windows 11; Check out the 5 best alternatives

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Microsoft is shaking up its Windows 11 operating system, saying goodbye to some of its long-standing features, with WordPad taking the latest risk. The tech giant recently confirmed that WordPad, the flagship native word processor since 1995, will be phased out from Windows 11 24H2 and Windows Server 2025 editions.

The move is part of a broader effort by Microsoft to streamline its offerings and optimize the user experience. Although the exact reasons behind this decision are unclear, it marks the end of an era for many users who depended on WordPad for basic word-processing tasks.

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For those feeling the loss, don't worry! There are plenty of alternatives available to fill the void left by WordPad. Here are some important options:

1. Notepad: A classic choice for decades, Notepad offers a simple yet reliable text-editing experience. Despite the lack of advanced features, it remains the go-to tool for quick text tasks.

2. Typora: This author-friendly software offers a distraction-free environment with live preview capabilities, making it a favorite among creative minds. Its file management features and support for various export formats add to its appeal.

3. Editpad: An online editor with many useful features including grammar checks, plagiarism detection and content summarization. Its easy sharing options make collaboration a breeze.

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4. 1 Author: Combining basic functionality with advanced features, 1Writer provides users with a seamless writing space. With support for Markdown files and iCloud Drive integration, it's a versatile choice for writers on the go.

5. Google Docs: A powerhouse in document editing, Google Docs has developed over the years as a formidable alternative to traditional word processors. With features like PDF editing and real-time collaboration, it's a worthy alternative to WordPad.

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As Microsoft says goodbye to WordPad, users can explore these alternatives to find the perfect fit for their word processing needs. Whether it's simplicity, functionality or collaboration, there's something for everyone.

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