Microsoft, Google Woo India programmers win AI leadership

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Top executives from Microsoft Corp. and Alphabet Inc. are touring India next week to reach out to the country's millions of programmers and support adoption of artificial intelligence services in the key market.

Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella will address developers and technologists on “Discovering New Opportunities with AI” during a tour of the country's tech hub in Bangalore next week. He will also talk to industry leaders in Mumbai about the opportunities and challenges with next-generation AI. Exclusively, Google's Chief Scientist Jeff Dean will talk to researchers, developers and startups in Bangalore about the next frontier of AI and participate in a fireside chat about India's role in driving AI's massive social impact. These dual exhibitions highlight the importance of India to both companies. The broader AI field. With over 5 million programmers, India is emerging as one of the largest pools of AI talent for startups and global businesses – at a time when AI talent is often in short supply. During a visit to India last year, Nvidia Corp. CEO Jensen Huang said the country could become the world's largest exporter of AI expertise. “There is a global shift towards AI in the next five to 10 years and the Indian developer is at the heart of it,” said Nandan Nilekani, chairman of Asia's second-largest technology services company Infosys Ltd. “Indian developers will decide which AI stack will dominate,” Nilekani added.

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Both Nadella and Google CEO Sundar Pichai grew up in India and studied engineering there before moving to the US for graduate studies. For both, the AI ​​push could be career-defining. Pichai called the shift to AI 'bigger than the Internet' and Nadella described it as 'Microsoft's moment.'” As a sign of India's growing influence in AI, Ahmed Mazari, president of Microsoft Asia, pointed to developer activity on GitHub, a Microsoft-owned platform for developers. “Today, “One in four AI projects on GitHub comes from India,” Mazari said in a statement. “By 2026, India will eclipse the US. India is uniquely positioned to drive the adoption of AI at home and in international markets.” Microsoft recently trained 100,000 developers in India on the latest AI technology and tools. Last year, India's technology industry trade body Nasscom counted nearly half a million developers specializing in AI and data sciences. Sangeeta Gupta, senior vice president at Nasscom, said, “It is reasonable to expect more top AI companies to move to India. Big technology services firms like Tata Consultancy Services Ltd and Infosys are moving full speed ahead on AI and training hundreds of thousands of engineers, she said. “Enterprises want to embrace AI and developers can accelerate the transition,” she said.

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