Microsoft Copilot has been restored! Here's what a new-look AI tool can do

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Over Super Bowl weekend, when Microsoft debuted its Copilot ad for the first time in four years, the tech giant released an update for Copilot that offers a more streamlined look. In the past few months, Microsoft has rolled out various artificial intelligence (AI) projects, including integrating its AI chatbot with the Bing search engine and launching web and mobile apps. All of Microsoft's AI services are brought under one brand – Microsoft Copilot. Now, Microsoft Copilot has received a fresh coat of paint. See what's new.

Microsoft Copilot has been restored

In a blog post, Microsoft announced the changes coming to Copilot. The company is rolling out a significant update to the Copilot experience on the web, Android and iOS platforms. Users will now see a more streamlined look and feel. Microsoft also introduced a new carousel of suggested prompts to showcase what CoPilot can do in harnessing the power of AI.

Yusuf Mehdi, executive vice president and chief marketing officer for consumer at Microsoft, wrote, “Today marks exactly one year since Bing entered AI-powered experiences for people with Chat. We've learned a lot in that year and the use of our copilot experiences has led to steady growth in Edge and Bing Share, with over 5 billion chats and 5 billion images created to date. Now that Copilot is our unique experience for people looking to get more out of AI creation, we're introducing more image creation capabilities today.

Designer in Copilot manages the workflow and allows users to customize their created images with inline editing right in Copilot. With this feature, Copilot users can highlight an object, enhance its color, blur the background or apply an artistic filter – all within the Copilot chat. All of these can be accessed for free.

If you're a Copilot Pro subscriber, you can resize and regenerate images between square and landscape without leaving the chat. Microsoft says it will also release Designer GPT in Copilot, giving users an immersive canvas to bring their ideas to life.

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