Man gets ₹7.66 crore bill for Uber auto ride in Noida; Here's what Uber had to say

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In a strange incident in Uttar Pradesh's Noida, a man was shocked to receive a jaw-dropping bill of Rs 7.66 crore for an Uber auto ride booked for just Rs 62. The incident came to light through a viral post on social media shared by Ashish Mishra on X.

Details from the video

The post includes a video of Deepak, a regular Uber customer, demonstrating the incredible amount he charged for a ride. In that video, Deepak's total bill is Rs. 7,66,83,762, excluding Goods and Services Tax (GST). The breakdown of the bill shows Rs.1,67,74,647 as travel charge and Rs.5,99,09189 as waiting time cost, promotional discount of Rs. 75 reduced.

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Online reactions and humor

The astronomical bill sparked a wave of reactions on social media as consumers expressed disbelief and amusement. Some joked that this amount was compared to the cost of a trip to Mars or the budget of the Chandrayaan mission. Others joked about the lack of such huge sums even in corruption cases.

Amidst the humor, there were comments highlighting the potential seriousness of the situation, with one user suggesting that the auto driver may refuse to let the passengers off until the amount is paid.

The incident underscores the importance of vigilance when using ride-hailing services and the need for platforms like Uber to ensure accurate billing systems to avoid such surprising discrepancies.

As the viral video continues to circulate online, it serves as a cautionary tale for passengers to double-check their ride fares and service providers to maintain transparency in billing processes to avoid such horrific incidents in the future.

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