Lyca Mobile 6GB data for $45 for 6 months

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Get unmatched value with Lyca Mobile for $45 for 6 months.

Step into the Leica Mobile circle today and avail a special offer designed for new entrants. For a limited time, get 6GB of fast 5G/4G data for just $15 per month for the first 3 months, plus an additional 3 months on us. It's 6 months of premium service for the price of 3, all for just $45. Our package ensures you're always connected, offering unlimited nationwide talk and text with the first 6GB at 5G/4G speeds for all your streaming and browsing needs. The deal comes with a complimentary SIM card and shipping, making it a hassle-free transition to superior connectivity. And for globetrotters, take advantage of unlimited calls to 85 countries, connecting you with loved ones around the world. With Lyca Mobile, get the freedom of no contracts or credit checks, the flexibility to keep your current number and the flexibility to cancel or change plans at any time. All this allows you to stay connected when it matters most on a reliable 4G/5G network. Don't wait. Score this unmatched value today and connect with confidence. Buy now at Leica Mobile

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