LinkedIn releases TikTok-like video feed for professionals; Know everything about it

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LinkedIn, the professional networking platform, is following the trend set by other popular apps like Instagram and Snapchat by experimenting with a TikTok-like short-form video feed. Spotted by Austin Null, director of strategy at McKinney, the new feature introduces a vertical feed of short videos accessible through a dedicated “Video” tab in the app's navigation bar. Users can swipe through videos, engage with them by liking, commenting or sharing, and explore professional content in a more dynamic format.

LinkedIn releases video feed similar to TikTok

While platforms like TikTok have a wide range of content genres, LinkedIn's video feed is tailored specifically to career-oriented topics. The move is intended to improve engagement and innovation on the platform by providing users with easily digestible videos on topics related to professional growth and expertise, TechCrunch reported.

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LinkedIn has recognized a growing preference among users for video content as a means of learning from professionals and industry experts. The platform's testing of this new feature reflects its commitment to adapting to user preferences and facilitating knowledge-sharing within its community.

The introduction of a TikTok-like video feed on LinkedIn presents exciting opportunities for content creators, especially those who have gained traction on TikTok for sharing career advice and insights. By providing a dedicated space for such content, LinkedIn aims to attract creators and potentially monetize the feed in the future.

However, some users may be concerned about the proliferation of short-form video feeds across various platforms. They may be overwhelmed by the flow of content or feel detracted from the platform's primary focus on professional networking.

LinkedIn's experiments with a TikTok-like video feed underscore its efforts to evolve and stay relevant in an increasingly video-centric digital landscape. As the feature is in testing, it will be interesting to see how users react and whether it becomes a permanent fixture on the platform.

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