LinkedIn introduced an AI-powered feature to help users craft messages, boost networking

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We're only two months into 2024 and already there are job cuts affecting various industries. According to, around 32000 workers lost their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic as companies attempted to reduce workforces to compensate for over-hiring. At such a time, people are turning to LinkedIn, one of the major social media platforms to help them find jobs. And to help people do that, LinkedIn has now rolled out a new AI-powered feature that makes it easy to introduce you to others or ask about them.

LinkedIn's new AI feature

In a blog post, LinkedIn announced that premium users can now use the power of AI to help them craft a message. It takes information from both your profile and the person you want to chat with, regardless of whether they're in or out of your network. Users can choose to introduce themselves or ask about their current or previous work experience.

This feature is being rolled out to LinkedIn Premium users, so if you have a subscription, you should start seeing it soon.

Announcing the feature, Naman Goel, senior product director at LinkedIn, wrote, “One of the biggest challenges people face with networking is striking up the first conversation; The blank page problem can cause additional frustration. That's why we've introduced a new premium feature to help.

This is one of the many AI-powered features introduced to the platform over the past few months. Check out the others below.

Other AI features on LinkedIn

Explore with Job Collections, one of the AI ​​features LinkedIn has built over the past few months. There are some other AI features that help users grow their network. LinkedIn's AI-powered profile building tool analyzes all the information already in your profile and identifies the most important skills and experiences to highlight in your About and Headline sections, helping your profile stand out.

LinkedIn Recruiter now features AI-assisted messaging that helps users craft personalized messages, allowing recruiters to save time, increase candidate engagement, and build meaningful connections. Moreover, AI-enhanced job descriptions can rapidly generate job descriptions based on few details.

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