Learn startup best practices with Fidelity and others at Early Stage 2024 | Tech Crunch

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At the inaugural event in Boston, Massachusetts on April 25, 2024, TechCrunch will bring together some of the world's leading startup companies — but our partners will not only provide financial support. Their presence at the early stage gives new and prospective entrepreneurs the tools, knowledge and community they need to build a successful startup.

At 10:05 a.m., Fidelity “Preparing to Grow: Cap Table Best Practices to Help You Close Fast.” So if you are preparing to raise money to fuel your startup, don't miss this session. You'll leave armed with tangible, actionable guidance.

Join Sand Technologies at 2:55pm for their insightful session on “How to Develop Your Tech and Staff Strategies for Future Rounds”. They promise you'll walk away with actionable insights to bridge skills gaps, increase the productivity of small teams, and increase your agility to quickly adapt to market and investor demands.

More passionate partners in TechCrunch Early Stage 2024

Head to the expo floor and have your meet and greet with these four partners. You never know where a quick conversation will lead:

  • Rezoomex: AI-powered applicant tracking software solution.
  • Geni: AI-powered bookkeeping updates your books daily, gives you access to real-time insights and personalized support from experts — all on one platform.
  • Teknos Associates: Global Valuation and Advisory Services.
  • Talent Pair: Everyone has talent. Multiply that by the world's largest recruiting community.

We couldn't be happier to welcome Startup Station, PowerUp, Visible Hands and 500 Global – and the expertise they bring – to the startup stage. Thanks to all our sponsors for supporting the early stage and startup community.

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