Lava Blaze Pro 5G Review: A top mid-range contender

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Lava Blaze Pro 5G Review: In a market heavily influenced by Chinese smartphone giants, Indian consumers are used to seeing brands like Vivo, Xiaomi, Oppo and Realme dominate the mid-range segment, even as South Korean major Samsung continues to spice things up. Maximize the space with its amazing smartphones. Amidst this landscape, however, homegrown tech firm Lava is trying to carve out its niche in this fiercely competitive field. Introducing the Lava Blaze Pro 5G, their latest addition to the 5G segment in India, the company is offering Rs. Rs. 15000 smartphone market – a highly competitive space.

Having used the Lava Blaze Pro 5G for over a month, I set out to explore whether the Lava has done enough to compete with well-established rivals like Oppo and Redmi. In this comprehensive review, I'll unpack the strengths and weaknesses of the Lava Blaze Pro 5G to help you make an informed decision in this confusing and cluttered smartphone landscape.

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Lava Blaze Pro 5G review: Design and performance

The Lava Blaze Pro 5G comes with a plastic frame and back that has a smooth matte finish that makes it resistant to fingerprints and smudges. However, it weighs 203 grams and is 8.96 mm thick. Despite its large size, the phone is comfortable to hold with a good grip.

The buttons are on the right side, including the fingerprint sensor on the power button. In my exploration of the Lava Blaze Pro 5G, the fingerprint sensor consistently delivered fast and accurate unlocks on the first try. A single speaker sits at the bottom, offering an average audio experience, albeit with a slightly higher volume. On a positive note, the inclusion of a 3.5mm headphone jack for those who prefer wired earphones.

The front of the device flaunts a 6.78-inch IPS LCD display, offering FHD Plus resolution of 1080 x 2460 pixels, 396 PPI and an impressive 120Hz refresh rate. With vibrant colors and remarkable viewing angles, the display proves to be a satisfying visual experience. Despite engaging in binge-watching sessions of various shows and movies, the Lava Blaze Pro 5G consistently met expectations and considering the price point, the display held its own without disappointing.

However, it's important to note that the brightness levels dip a little low, causing challenges in reading and viewing content in intense sunlight. On top of that, the 120Hz refresh rate contributes to the fluidity of scrolling and other actions, improving the overall user experience.

Lava Blaze Pro 5G Review: Performance

Fueling the Lava Blaze Pro 5G is a MediaTek Dimension 6020 processor paired with 8GB of LPDDR4x RAM, up to 8GB of virtual RAM and 128GB of storage. In my hands-on experience with the Lava Blaze Pro 5G, the device performed admirably in day-to-day usage. Minor stuttering was noted in system animations, but overall, performance left little room for complaints. Notably, the default animation speed is set to 0.5x, which increases the device's snappiness.

On the other hand, it runs on Android 13, with some customized features on top. While the Settings app and other features are custom-built, the notification shade and app drawer are taken from stock Android.

Disappointingly, the phone ships with the August 2023 security patch pre-installed. However, on the positive side, the phone comes with almost no third-party apps pre-installed.

When it comes to gaming, expectations need to be lowered as heavyweight titles like BGMI or Asphalt 9 are challenging to handle. Playing BGMI at full graphics settings resulted in intermittent lag, along with minor heating issues after about 40 minutes of gameplay. Additionally, data transfer through the built-in Nearby Share proved to be a test of endurance, taking around 30 minutes to send 2GB of data to another phone. Despite these limitations, the Lava Blaze Pro 5G handles everyday tasks like Instagram scrolling and web browsing efficiently without a hitch.

Lava Blaze Pro 5G Review: Camera Performance

The Lava Blaze Pro 5G has a dual rear setup that includes a 50MP primary camera along with an AI camera along with an 8MP camera on the front. Although the camera application has a variety of modes like film, slow motion and pro mode, the overall camera performance is mediocre.

When shutter lag is well managed, color reproduction is less visible and dynamic range is even. Appreciate the description in the above, captured images. Portrait shots exhibit strong edge detection, although adjusting background blur intensity proved less effective. However, the detail and color accuracy in portraits surpasses normal shots.

Selfies from the front-facing camera are disappointing, lacking detail, suffering from noise and exhibiting poor dynamic range, especially against bright backgrounds. Even in artificial and low lighting, photos are very soft, sacrificing detail for reduced noise.

The challenge continues in night shots, with night mode offering exposure but not adequately compensating in terms of detail and overall sharpness. The Lava Blaze Pro 5G struggles to deliver compelling performance in low-light conditions, leaving room for improvement in its camera capabilities.

Lava Blaze Pro 5G review: Battery life

Looking at the battery performance of the Lava Blaze Pro 5G, the device packs a robust 5,000mAh battery with 33W fast charging capabilities. With moderate usage, involving activities like running social media apps, making calls, browsing and indulging in binge-watching sessions, the smartphone sails through the day effortlessly.

During my usage, I clocked 4 hours of screen-on time, demonstrating the device's endurance under normal scenarios. However, pushing the device with heavy usage scenarios will drain the battery before the end of the day. A somewhat disappointing charging time is a point of note, as the device takes around 1 and a half hours to charge from 0 to 100 percent with the provided charger.

Lava Blaze Pro 5G: Final Verdict

I find the Lava Blaze Pro 5G to be an admirable mid-range contender in the sub-Rs. 15000 smartphone market. The design, though a bit bulky, offers a comfortable grip with responsive buttons and a reliable fingerprint sensor. The 6.78-inch display impresses with vibrant colors and a smooth 120Hz refresh rate, but struggles in bright sunlight.

Performance-wise, the MediaTek Dimensity 6020 processor makes daily tasks run smoothly, but gaming enthusiasts may find it lacking. The camera setup disappoints with mediocre color reproduction, subpar dynamic range and weak low-light performance. On the bright side, the 5,000mAh battery offers satisfactory endurance, but the 33W fast charging disappoints with long charging times.

In short, the Lava Blaze Pro 5G offers a decent package, but the improvements in camera capabilities and charging speed boost its standing in the competitive mid-range market. However, if you are searching for a smartphone in the sub-midrange, the Lava Blaze Pro 5G could be your best bet. You can also consider Redmi 13C and Realme Narzo 60X 5G.

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Lava Blaze Pro 5G


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    MediaTek Dimension 6020

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  • OS

    Android 13

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