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The hiring portal has actually redesigned the profile page for users, lets people use an AI-powered writer to fill in work experience, and has also added support for multiple resumes. The company has also launched a set of smart sourcing suites for recruiters with features like AI-powered candidate summaries and custom messages.

Indeed, owned by Recruiter Holdings, is revamping its profile page and adding AI-aided features to better compete with rivals like LinkedIn, and ZipRecruiter. A new AI-powered work experience writer helps people create better descriptions of various projects.

The company is also adding support for saving up to five resumes so that a person can easily select the most relevant copy when applying for a variety of roles. Both features will be released soon, said the fact.

Indeed profile renewal

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Job seeking portal already has a toggle to make user profile visible to recruiters. But now the company is turning it on by default and making it easily accessible on the Settings page.

On the other hand, the company is rolling out a smart sourcing suite to reduce what recruiters call “irrelevant outreach” — when employers approach candidates who don't match the job profile. Apart from advanced search filters, companies can also access AI-powered candidate summaries.

AI Summary Profile

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Indeed is also adding AI-powered smart messaging and automated interview scheduling. An AI-assisted messaging tool enables hiring managers to create or edit communication with job seekers. During the testing phase, recruiters who used the Smart Sourcing feature for hiring saved up to six hours a week, the company said.

When we asked the company about how it avoids biases or ensures AI-based summaries don't miss out on key details, the company said it uses a responsible AI team to prevent harm.

In fact rival LinkedIn has introduced AI in multiple areas like learning, recruitment, marketing sales, messaging and profile enhancement.

Deepti Patibandla, senior product director at InDead, told TechCrunch over a call that the company wants to focus on hiring people.

“Although LinkedIn is a professional social network or platform, in reality, we want to hire more people. That is the core value of our business. As a differentiator, we want to simplify the hiring process,” she said.

“We want to make sure that people are getting the right jobs and not getting overwhelmed by random jobs. Those two are our main focal points for now. In the long term we see an opportunity for consumers to actually set their career path.

Last year, it actually laid off 2,200 employees, or 15% of its staff. At the time, CEO Chris Hyams said the company was “too big for what's ahead.”

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