Google will charge for advanced bard chatbot! Know the expected price for an AI tool

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Google is expected to launch its new chatbot Beard Advance in the coming months. The new AI model is expected to be more powerful than the previous version of Google Bard, which is now powered by Gemini Pro. As the launch of Bard Advance nears, some tech analysts are speculating that integration with Gemini Ultra, the company's most powerful AI model, could lead to Google's launch of the subscription service. Now, Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai has confirmed the subscription plan for its upcoming AI chatbot. Bard is currently free to use. Check the details here.

Google Beard Advance Subscription Plans

According to a report by Android Authority, Google plans to launch a subscription model for Beard Advance, a decision announced during the fourth quarter earnings call. This decision was taken due to high subscription revenue. Google now plans to increase its revenue by integrating premium subscriptions for its upcoming conversational AI.

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Google Beard Advance is the company's advanced AI tool that supports the newly introduced Gemini Ultra architecture. Ultra is part of Google's multimodal AI, Gemini, which was announced in December last year. The new AI model is expected to handle complex tasks in various forms such as text, images, audio, video and code. Speaking at the conference, Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai said, “It (Bard) is now powered by Gemini Pro and is more capable of understanding, summarizing, reasoning, coding and planning. It is now available in over 40 languages ​​and over 230 countries worldwide. We will release a more advanced version for subscribers powered by Gemini Ultra.

However, Google has not shared any pricing plan for subscription to Beard Advance. For now, Bard is available to users for free, but it will pay a fee once it launches its new AI conversation tool. Google is expected to follow in the steps of ChatGPT Plus in terms of subscription, hence, the price may drop between $10 and $20 per month.

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