Google to finally delete data of users who use Chrome browser in 'incognito mode' – details

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A class-action lawsuit against Google reveals that Incognito mode isn't as private as we thought. In January, it was highlighted that Google was secretly collecting our anonymous browsing data. However, the good news is that Google has agreed to delete all data collected as part of the lawsuit settlement. Not only will it delete billions of user data, but Google will also take some corrective actions on the use of incognito mode. Therefore, users can have more transparency on what data is being tracked. Learn more about Google Settlement.

Google incognito mode deletes data

According to the Wall Street Journal (via Tom's Guide), a class-action lawsuit over Google's privacy disclosures for their incognito browsing mode has finally reached a settlement. The case was filed back in 2020, highlighting Google's lack of transparency about what user data is being tracked. Now, the tech giant has admitted to “destroying billions of data” of its users. In addition, the company will also update its announcements to bring more transparency about what user data is being tracked with the upcoming changes. Furthermore, incognito mode users are also allowed to disable third-party cookies.

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David Boyce, a consumer advocate, said, “This settlement is a historic step that requires honesty and accountability from the dominant technology companies.” Although Google is deleting the last 8 years of data, the settlement does not highlight the damages to individuals. However, an aggrieved person can file their claims where 50 cases have already been registered.

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Earlier in 2022, it was also reported that Google's Chief Marketing Officer, Lorraine Toohill, mentioned the danger to CEO Sundar Pichai over claiming the incognito mode was “private”.

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