Google SGE now helps you plan vacations, get shopping recommendations; Learn how it works

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Planning vacations just got easier with Google's latest update. Now, you can use artificial intelligence (AI) to create travel itineraries for your trips. Google announced this new feature as Search Generative Experience (SGE), which uses AI to help users plan their journeys. It collects reviews and photos from users as well as ideas from various websites to suggest attractions, restaurants, flights and hotels for your trip.

Currently only available in English in the US for registered users of Search Labs, the feature allows you to ask for specific trip plans, such as a three-day historic visit to Philadelphia, and receive a sample itinerary. Once you're satisfied with your plan, TechCrunch reports, you can export it to Gmail, Docs, or Maps for easy access.

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While there's no option yet to buy services directly through Google, the update shows how the company is experimenting with AI and collecting data about travel preferences. It makes it easy to find recommendations on Google Maps, along with lists from publishers and other users, as well as tools to customize and manage your itineraries.

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Google AI personalized shopping recommendations

Along with travel planning, Google SGE is also improving its shopping experience. You can now receive personalized style recommendations when searching for clothing, shoes and accessories. By rating products with a thumbs up or down, or swiping like Tinder, Google tailors results based on your preferences. If you change your mind, you can easily manage your priorities.

The update is currently available to US shoppers using mobile browsers and the Google app. Google SGE aims to make shopping more personalized and convenient, competing with other retail giants like Amazon and Walmart.

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With one billion daily shopping searches and billions of product results, Google SGE continues to update listings regularly to provide the latest information on pricing and availability.

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