Google introduces text-to-image generator, Bard from Imagen 2 with Gemini Pro expansion

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Google made several comprehensive announcements for Bard in December 2023 along with Gemini Pro, its AI model. Now, the company is rolling out several improvements to its tools, starting with the text-to-image generator, Imagen 2, that integrates with Google Beard and ImageFX. Additionally, Google is also expanding the availability of the Gemini Pro. It was earlier expected to bring beard image generation feature with Gemini Ultra and now users will be able to experience the advanced feature with Gemini Pro. This interaction and progress may give ChatGPT Plus some serious competition. Check out what Google announced in its recent blog.

Image 2 in Google Bard

According to Google's DeepMind blog post, its advanced text-to-image technology, Imagen 2, is coming to Beard and Search Generative Experience (SGE). This tool is also powered by Google's experimental platform ImageFX. This integration “provides an innovative interface that allows users to quickly explore alternative prompts and expand the boundaries of their creativity. With Image 2 in Bard, users simply write a detailed prompt to create the type of image they want. Imagen 2 comes with the ability to create new content directly into the original image using the inpainting technique. It is an original Can create images beyond image, extending visual creativity into reality.

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With advanced image generation, Google also focuses on the safety and security of image generation tools. The company integrates Bard with Synthid, which provides a watermark to the generated image along with the ability to “recognize AI-generated content” that acts as a digital watermark. In addition, Image 2 restricts the production of content that is violent, offensive or sexually suggestive. “We apply security checks to training data, input prompts, and system-generated outputs during generation,” Google said.

According to a 9To5Google report, the company has announced that it will expand Gemini Pro to more than 230 countries and 40+ languages. It also extends the double-check feature to languages ​​other than English.

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