Good news! Samsung Galaxy S23 also gets Galaxy AI features; Know what's coming

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Samsung launched Galaxy AI with the Galaxy S24 series in January and it has garnered a lot of attention in the smartphone market. While people are talking about Galaxy AI and its advanced features, older Galaxy smartphone users are wondering if they are getting AI features or not. Well, there is good news. According to a recent leak, high-end devices of Samsung Galaxy smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy S23 series, are expected to get Galaxy AI features. Check more details here.

Upcoming AI Features of Samsung Galaxy S23

According to an X user named Tarun Watts Post, Samsung plans to bring Galaxy AI features to all 2023 high-end versions like Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy Z Fold 5, Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy S23 FE. Sadly, the budget and mid-range Galaxy smartphone does not have any AI features as per the current leak.

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The source highlighted four main Galaxy AI features that will be found in the aforementioned smartphones. Those AI features are circle to search, live translate, note assist and photo assist.

With Circle to Search feature users don't need to type to search, they just circle the subject to ask for Google search.

Additionally, the post highlighted that there will be two versions of OneUI 6.1, one that includes AI and another that skips Galaxy AI features. As of now, the Galaxy S23 series is expected to get AI features in the first half of 2024, however, the exact date and rollout for other devices is unknown. In addition, we can also see the Galaxy Tab S9's AI features unexpectedly, however, this may be a major disappointment for Galaxy S22 users.

The integration of four core Galaxy AI features, including the Circle to Search feature, boosts the smartphone experience for these users. Notably, this feature may appear on some Google Pixel devices and Samsung high-end versions of 2023.

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