Forget the phone's neck, here's the phone's knee! Study highlights new health scare

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We now live in a world where we are constantly surrounded by electronic devices to perform our daily tasks. However, we rely heavily on our phones for all sorts of things, making it a dangerous habit for our physical and mental well-being. So, we've all heard of phone neck, but now, a study has warned smartphone users about phone neck issues too. A recent study has revealed that excessive use of phones can lead to constant knee and joint pain. It revealed a surprising link between excessive use of phones and knee pain. Experts say that our knee pains and joint pains are due to excessive use of phones. In addition, a variety of musculoskeletal conditions are related to excessive use of phones and low physical activity. Learn more about the study here.

Does excessive phone use cause joint pain?

According to research by the NIH (via Phone Arena), experts have found a surprising link between excessive use of phones and knee or any type of joint pain. Experts say that excessive use of phone or use for more than four hours can cause joint and muscle problems. Josh Gordon, a technologist at Geonode, said, “When we're constantly sitting on our phones, our body weight shifts and this puts extra stress on the knees.” When we sit in one place and use our phones, we restrict our body and muscle movements, which puts a lot of stress on our joints, especially the knees.

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Our joints and muscles are built for constant movement to improve flexibility, however, our current lifestyle affects our physical strength and causes a variety of muscle conditions. Our incorrect postures while using small screen devices can also affect our knee joints, tendons and ligaments. Furthermore, it also causes weight gain which is linked to many health problems. Therefore, excessive use of smartphones should be limited or physical activities should be carried out to prevent joint and muscle problems. More than four hours of phone use per day is dangerous and a strict time limit should be set for the use of any electronic device. Researchers and experts now recommend limiting screen time with some daily exercise activity.

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