ChatGPT Leak Reveals Private Conversations and Login Credentials! I know what happened

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Ever since the inception of ChatGPT, there have been discussions around the world about the opportunities and obstacles that have arisen courtesy of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Privacy and security are some of the biggest concerns as countries insist on safeguards against AI to protect citizens. However, threat actors still seem to be bypassing them. In a recent incident, ChatGPT leaked several private conversations in an unrelated chat. Here's what happened.

ChatGPT leak

As ArsTechnica reports, one of their readers posted screenshots of the leaked conversations on ChatGPT. A reader named Chase Whiteside posted a question on ChatGPT, but saw additional unrelated conversations along with the question response. One of the conversations is a user trying to troubleshoot the system on the pharmacy drug portal. The leaked conversation contains not only the name of the app the user is troubleshooting, but also login credentials, including username and password.

In an email to ArsTechnica, Whiteside wrote, “I went to ask a question and when I returned to access a few moments later, I noticed additional conversations. They weren't there when I used ChatGPT last night. No questions asked—they just appeared in my history and most certainly weren't mine.

Another conversation included an unpublished research proposal, as well as the name of a presentation someone was working on, the report said.

In a statement to Mashable, OpenAI clarified, “Based on our investigations, users' account login credentials were compromised and a bad actor used the account. The chat history and files being displayed are conversations that have occurred due to misuse of this account and are not a case of ChatGPT showing another user's history.”

However, Chase said his account was unlikely to be compromised because it uses a nine-character password with uppercase and lowercase letters and special characters — all good guidelines for setting a strong password. OpenAI said the conversations originated from Sri Lanka and not from Brooklyn, where Whiteside filed the question.

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