Bumble Launches AI-Powered Deception Detector Feature to Eliminate Fake Profiles and Scams

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Expanding on its already extensive list of features, online dating platform Bumble has announced the launch of a new AI-powered feature that helps identify fake profiles, spam and scams. For those who don't know, Bumble is the first dating and social networking app for women and its new feature is meant to provide more convenience to its users. The rollout of this new AI-powered feature on the platform aims to make dating safer and more enjoyable.

Deception Detector on Bumble

The new AI-based feature is called Deception Detector. It aims to remove all fake profiles and scams from the online dating platform before the users see them. When testing this AI tool, Deception Detector was successful in blocking 95 percent of fake and spam profiles. This led to a 45 percent reduction in fake and spam accounts.

According to Bumble research, daters are concerned about fake profiles and scams on the platform. About 46 percent of women surveyed said they were concerned about the authenticity of matches on online dating sites.

Announcing the feature, Bumble CEO Lydian Jones said, “In recent years, the online landscape has evolved significantly and we're seeing a growing concern about authenticity. With a particular focus on women's experience online, we recognize that in the age of AI, trust is more important than ever. We're thinking about how best to use new models to reduce anxiety in making connections and support our community, with AI as a central focus.

Earlier AI features

Mashable reports that this isn't the first time Bumble has used AI to make its platform a safer place. In 2019, it released a feature called Private Detector. This feature automatically censors a potential nude image, giving users the option of whether they want to see it or not. Declining this will remove the image from the chat along with the option to block the user.

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