ArcSearch AI-powered iPhone browser automates search! Safari, the best alternative for Chrome?

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Tired of using old Safari and Chrome browsers on iPhone? We have found the perfect alternative with AI features that will give you accurate and intelligent results amazingly fast and that too in a new and refreshing look. The browser company recently launched a new browsing app for iPhones called Arc Search, which aims to transform the browsing experience for users. The new iPhone browser uses artificial intelligence to generate search responses and provide the best results for user queries. Some of the features of Arc Search AI have surprised users with its capabilities. Learn more about Arc Search and its features here.

About the AI-powered iPhone browser

Last year the company first developed a desktop based browser called Arc and now with the new mobile browser, the company has more advanced features for its users. They can now use the power of AI for their search queries. According to a TechCrunch report, ArcSearch's most talked-about feature is “Browse for Me,” developed with OpenAI and other LLM models. This feature uses data from six web pages to curate its own new custom web page with different sections. This web page contains all the information you need regarding your search query.

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The feature also creates summaries or bullet points when you ask about something, like your favorite dish. However, these web pages and results are not shared via links as we do in Safari and Chrome. Users should take a screenshot of the generated result or links for sharing.

In addition to Arc Search's “Browse for Me” feature, it comes with many other intuitive features such as asking Search to block ads, trackers, and GDPR cookie banners to improve privacy and experience. It also offers reader mode, bookmark, archive tabs and more like other browsers. Additionally, Arc Search allows users to use Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo or Ecosia as the default browser within the app.

ArcSearch could become a major competitor to the leading search engines if it continues to incorporate interesting AI features for iPhone users, and so far, it seems to be putting up a big fight.

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