Apple Vision Pro: A Spatial Computer with a Limited Rollout

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Apple Plans Slow Rollout of Vision Pro Device, Exclusive Appointments Required

Apple’s Vision Pro “spatial computer” has garnered attention in the tech world. However, its limited availability and niche appeal have raised questions about its widespread adoption. Apple seems to be aware of this and has devised a strategic plan for its rollout.

Apple Vision Pro: Initial Sales by Appointment Only

In a recent report, it was revealed that Apple intends to have a gradual introduction of the Vision Pro. Initially, the device will be available for purchase exclusively by appointment at select stores in the US. This approach aims to provide customers with a personalized and tailored experience.

Special Sections in Apple Stores for Vision Pro

Apple plans to create special areas within their stores to showcase the Vision Pro. These dedicated sections will feature comfortable seating, one or two demo units, and tools for sizing accessories. Apple is even developing an iPhone app and a physical machine to accurately determine the optimal fit and light seal for each individual.

Limited Availability in Major Areas, Online Sales to Follow

During the initial phase, the specialized sections for Vision Pro will be available only in major cities like New York and LA. However, Apple has plans to expand the availability of the device nationwide at a later date. Third-party resellers will have to wait until at least 2025 before offering the Vision Pro to customers. Meanwhile, Apple’s online store in the US will begin selling the device in early 2024.

Global Expansion: UK and Canada First

Following the US rollout, Apple has its sights set on international expansion. The Vision Pro is expected to make its way to other countries by the end of 2024, starting with the UK and Canada. Asia and Europe will be the next regions to receive the device, with plans for further localization in France, Germany, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Korea.

Future Developments: Second-Generation Pro Model and Non-Pro Vision Headset

Apple is not resting on its laurels with the Vision Pro. The company is already working on a second-generation Pro model, set to debut by 2026. Additionally, a more affordable non-Pro Vision headset is in the pipeline. However, the complex manufacturing process has prompted Apple to revise its sales estimates for the first year, now expecting less than 400,000 units sold instead of the initially projected 900,000.

Comfort and Safety Considerations

During testing, Apple identified an issue where individuals with smaller body sizes and heads might experience discomfort when wearing the Vision Pro for extended periods. To address this, Apple is developing a second strap that will provide additional support across the top of the user’s head. Although the design is still in progress, this modification aims to enhance comfort for a broader range of users.

Safety Features for Everyday Use

To ensure the safety of users, the Vision Pro incorporates built-in alerts that caution against wearing the device while walking at high speeds. This feature aims to prevent accidents caused by collisions with walls or objects. Moreover, Apple has even considered the needs of users who wish to utilize the headset during travel. A dedicated “Travel Mode” will disable the alerts, allowing uninterrupted usage during flights or car rides.

In conclusion, Apple’s Vision Pro is an innovative spatial computer with a limited rollout strategy. By offering exclusive appointments for purchase and creating specialized sections in their stores, Apple aims to provide a premium and personalized experience for customers. As the device gradually expands its availability globally, Apple continues to work on future iterations, including a second-generation Pro model and a more affordable non-Pro Vision headset.

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