Apple to settle trade secrets lawsuit against chip startup Rivos

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Apple plans to settle a lawsuit alleging chip startup Rivos stole trade secrets related to computer-chip technology, according to a joint court filing Friday in California federal court. The companies told the US District Court for the Northern District of California that they had “signed an agreement to settle the case” and that the agreement would allow Apple to examine Rivos' systems and retrieve any confidential information.

Representatives for Apple and Rivos did not immediately respond to requests for comment and more information about the settlement.

Apple sues “stealth” startup Rivos in 2022 Mountain View, Calif.-based Rivos said it hired dozens of its engineers and used its confidential information to develop competing “system-on-chip” (SoC) technology.

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SoCs are integrated circuits with several computer components on a single chip, including central processing units and graphic processing units. Apple has spent billions of dollars and more than a decade of research on its SoC designs and said in the lawsuit that they have “revolutionized the worlds of personal and mobile computing.”

Rivos has denied the allegations and said that Apple “seeks to punish Rivos and the Apple employees who try to work there from the moment they learned about the promising startup.” It sued Apple last September for unfair competition.

Apple last month settled related claims against six former employees who left the company to join Rivos.

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