Apple iPhone SE 4 Cases Leaked: Expect Big Design Changes; Here are all the details about the 2025 iPhone SE launch

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Apple has long been rumored to launch the iPhone SE 4, with numerous leaks making their way to the internet. Now, a recent leak has surfaced on social media which hints at some major design changes with the upcoming iPhone SE 4. Design changes are speculated based on shared images of the iPhone SE 4's transparent case, which features an action button like the iPhone 15 Pro. models, single rear camera sensor and more. Find out what's coming with Apple iPhone SE 4 ahead of its 2025 launch.

Apple iPhone SE 4 design

The Apple iPhone SE 4 has been in development for a long time. However, we are finally getting a glimpse of what the company is planning for their new non-flagship iPhone. An X user who goes by the name Majin Bu shared some images of the transparent case of the iPhone SE 4 via a Post. The phone's case revealed some major design changes, including a larger screen size for the iPhone SE 4 with a front-facing selfie camera and Face ID sensors. With the new generation, Apple is also expected to ditch Touch ID and the Home button.

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On the back, the Apple iPhone SE 4 may feature a single rear camera sensor and LED flash similar to the iPhone XR design. With the volume buttons on the side, there's an extra button space to accommodate the new action button currently featured on the iPhone 15 Pro models. However, it is too early to make any speculations about the device as it won't launch until early 2025. Until then, Apple can plan many changes and new features for their iPhone SE 4. Therefore, we will have to wait until Apple makes it. Official announcement about the smartphone. Apart from the iPhone SE 4, Apple is all set to reveal its AI initiatives and iOS 18 update feature at the upcoming WWDC event on June 10.

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