Apple has released the first iOS 17.5 beta update for iPhones; EU users can now download apps directly from websites

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Apple has now released the first iOS 17.5 beta update for iPhones, adding new features. The update, released yesterday, was seeded to developers, allowing them to test the software's new features as well as report any bugs or glitches to Apple. This follows the rollout of the iOS 17.4 beta update in February, which added a personalized splash screen and a new CarPlay feature. Find out what's new in the iOS 17.5 beta update.

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iOS 17.5 Beta Update: What's New

The highlight of the iOS 17.5 update is a setting change that now allows users in the EU to download apps directly from the App Store. In compliance with the EU's demands and the Digital Markets Act, Apple recently allowed sideloading on iPhones. This means they now have the option to download apps from outside the App Store. Until now, this was only possible through alternative marketplaces, but not anymore.

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With the iOS 17.5 beta update, iPhone users can download apps directly from websites. To make their apps eligible for it, developers need to ensure several things:

1. They must have been a member of the Apple Developer Program for more than 2 years.

2. Developers must have an app that has 1 million installs on iOS in the EU.

3. They must publish transparent data collection procedures.

4. They must go through Apple's notarization process.

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If developers meet the above conditions, they will be provided an API by Apple that will allow them to put their apps up for download on the web. According to a MacRumors report, apps can be updated, restored and backed up.

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