Apple foldable iPhones in the works! Know the possible launch date

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Over the years, we have seen a variety of foldable phones in the market from top brands like Samsung, Google, Oppo and more. However, Apple is one such smartphone maker that has been delaying its entry into the foldable smartphone market. Although the reason is unknown, it has now been reported that Apple has fast-tracked its plans to release foldable iPhones. Apple is rumored to be developing prototypes for foldable iPhones and we might see the device in 2026. Check out what the leak says about Apple's plans for foldable iPhones.

Apple is actually developing foldable iPhones

According to a report by Info, Apple is developing two different models for foldable iPhones after at least five years of planning and research. The foldable iPhones are expected to come in a clamshell fold design similar to the Samsung Galaxy Flip devices. Since development of the foldable has begun, we can expect it to launch in 2026, if earlier.

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Apple is now reportedly in talks with a supplier in Asia for parts for two foldable iPhone models that differ in size. However, foldable iPhones are more likely to be canceled if they don't meet Apple's standards or the company's requirements.

Apple was planning to develop foldable iPhones from 2018, but the plan was paused due to various technical issues. Now, these plans for a foldable iPhone have resurfaced, with the company planning a 7-inch foldable. We can expect Apple to bring something new to the existing market. For now, we can only wait for updates or information about the plans made by Apple.

Notably, there was much talk of another Apple foldable device earlier. Apple is rumored to have shifted its plans from foldable iPhones to foldable iPads with 8-inch displays. It is not yet clear where those plans lie.

Stay tuned as we look to bring you the latest on what's going on with Apple and its anticipated foldable devices.

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