AI-powered XNote smart pen can convert scribbles to text and more on iPhone with ChatGPT support

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Have you ever noticed the process of taking notes in class and then scanning them and putting them into PDFs? It's a hassle. Now, you can use devices like iPads to take notes directly in digital format, but unless you get used to it, the experience won't be the same. What if there was a device that allowed you to take notes with a pen and reflect digitally in real time? This is where the XNote Smart Pen comes in and it's also powered by AI. Learn all about this AI-powered smart writing set that supports ChatGPT.

XNote: What is it?

XNote is an AI-powered smart writing set that consists of 3 components – a smart pen, a dedicated notebook and a mobile app. Available as part of a Kickstarter campaign, XNote aims to revolutionize the traditional note-taking process by integrating AI-driven features and real-time digitization. It uses AI to recognize handwritten notes and convert them into accurate digital text. This allows you to easily search, edit and share your notes from within the app. The smart pen can save up to 1000 pages internally. Once you connect to the app, it will sync your stored notes.

It supports 53 languages ​​including English, Hindi, French, Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish and Chinese.

XNote: Features

The notebook has separate pages that indicate where the pen is. Whenever you write something, it is sent in real time to the mobile app where you can find all your notes. You can also engage in dynamic conversations with the app to take relevant notes conversationally. XNote also comes with ChatGPT integration, which means you can ask questions and make static pages interactive. The developers say you can ask questions like:

  1. Take action points from today's team meeting.
  2. Where did I write that book recommendation?
  3. Create a short quiz based on last week's lecture notes.
  4. How much sugar should I add based on mom's pie recipe?

Using XNote, you can also write down a task and it will automatically create a reminder for you. It uses an AI-based system to automatically categorize your notes – be it a list of book recommendations or your grocery needs. And if you need to wade through weeks of lectures, XNote can condense the content for you into concise pages.

Worried about running out of notebooks, developers are selling replacement notebooks at competitive prices. The Smart Pen also comes with a replacement ball-point ink refill.

XNote: How much does it cost?

The XNote is currently available for purchase through a Kickstarter campaign. The early bird offer price is $249 but you can get a limited-time deal for just $199. A monthly subscription for XNote AI Premium costs $9. You can also get a lifetime XNote AI Premium subscription for $59.

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