5 things you might have missed about AI today: China clears 40 AI models, AI chip market and more

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AI Roundup: Satya Nadella will visit India on February 7, 2024 as part of his annual visit. Exploring various AI opportunities will be on his agenda and for that, he will be meeting leaders in the Indian startup sector. Chinese authorities have started the approval process for AI models and have already approved 40 models. Learn more about AI events here.

  1. Satya Nadella to meet AI startups in India in February

Puneet Chandok, president of Microsoft India and South Asia, revealed in an internal email about Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's visit to India with the ambition to explore the possibilities of AI in the country. “AI is playing a game-changing role in shaping India's techade and making India and South Asia one of the most exciting markets for technology,” the email said, according to a Moneycontrol report.

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2. China approves 40 AI models for public use to catch up with US AI development

To boost AI development in China, authorities have approved over 40 AI models for public use. This is the fourth batch of approval that includes Xiaomi Corp, 4Paradigm, 01.AI and others. The move is to meet the growing AI demand in the country and to catch up with the US in the AI ​​development space, reported US News.

3. Learnable.ai is a Ningbo-based startup eyeing funding

Learnable.ai is raising over $70 million in funding to revamp China's college testing system with the help of AI. The company is looking for applications for AI to correct the unchanged system grading of “gaokao”. The company's chairman Guan Wang said, “Expert reviews have found that the accuracy of using AI models is actually higher than that of humans because students' handwriting is messy and difficult for teachers to recognize.” According to a Bloomberg report.

4. AI chip market for edge applications to expand by 2023, IDTechEx predicts

According to a new study, AI training algorithms are on the rise and this could lead to an increase in AI chips for edge applications between 2023 and 2034. “AI Chips for Edge Applications 2024–2034: Artificial Intelligence at the Edge” IDTechEx reports in a forecast. . According to the press release, the use of AI may lead to an increase in automation and interconnectedness

5. AI startup Sarvam AI says OpenAI's GPT-4 may not work in Indian cost structure

Sarvam AI is an Indian AI startup recently recognized by AI4 India for developing AI models for speech recognition and translation. Startup founder, Vivek Raghavan said in an interview when asked about GPT's capabilities, “Understanding the Indian context and secondly, being able to operate within Indian cost structures means that if you really want to do that at scale, you can't use GPT-4. The Hindu reported.

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