5 things you might have missed about AI today: Bill Gates on India's AI potential, UK jobs at risk and more

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AI Roundup: Bill Gates attended the Times Now Summit 2024 virtually, during which he spoke about India's potential for AI collaboration. Gates highlighted India's role in adopting and benefiting from emerging technologies such as AI. On the other hand, UK workers are on the verge of losing their jobs due to the adoption of AI. Studies show that around 8 million UK workers are at risk from AI. Learn more about such AI news from today, March 27, 2024.

  1. Bill Gates talks about India's AI efforts

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates addressed the event virtually at the Times Now Summit 2024. In a conversation with Times Now Group Editor-in-Chief Navika Kumar, Gates highlighted how fast India is adopting AI and mitigating potential risks. According to a Times Now report, when asked about India's AI contribution, Gates responded with India's ability to lead the world with its AI capabilities.

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2.8 million UK workers could lose their jobs due to AI

An Institute for Public Policy Research has highlighted that around 8 million UK workers are at risk from the growing adoption of AI. If UK companies integrate more advanced technologies such as AI, around 60 per cent of tasks could be automated, it said. IPPR Senior Economist Carsten Jung said, “While existing manufacturing AI could lead to major labor market disruption or massively boost economic growth, either way, it's set to be a game changer for millions of us,” according to Bloomberg. Report.

3. California can take a proactive approach to managing AI development

California is seeking the EU's cooperation in developing AI regulations and managing technology development. The state is closely monitoring recent European Union regulations to adhere to some similar regulations. David Harris, senior policy adviser at the California Initiative for Technology and Democracy, said, “What we're trying to do is actually learn from the Europeans, but work with the Europeans and figure out how to put regulations on AI, according to an AFP report.

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4. EU warns of rise in AI deepfakes

As elections are held in various countries, EU officials are warning of emerging AI deepfakes in many member states' elections. The country is also raising awareness of how AI threatens democracy. “We have seen this in many elections in EU member states,” said European Commission Vice President Vera Zaurova. We do not have the data to assess whether this radically affected the outcome of the election. But if it is used on a large scale, we can forget about free and fair elections,” the Bloomberg report said.

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5. AI becomes a hot topic at the Commonwealth meet in Samoa

A Commonwealth meeting in Samoa will highlight the advancement of AI technology and the digitization of the global economy. Commonwealth Secretary General Patricia Scotland said, “If small and developing states are left behind, they will miss out on harnessing the huge potential for growth and opportunity,” according to a Reuters report.

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