5 things you might have missed about AI today: AI tool DrugGPT helps doctors, AI solutions to cybercrime and more

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AI tool DrugGPT helps doctors prescribe drugs safely in England; Shikha Goel urges technologists to develop AI solutions for cybercrime; Intel's Core Ultra chips: powering next-gen laptops for content creators and gamers; BJP to use AI translation tool for PM Modi's speeches in South India All this, and more in our daily roundup. Let's have a look.

1. AI tool DrugGPT helps doctors prescribe drugs safely in England

A new AI tool from the University of Oxford, DrugGPT, will help doctors prescribe drugs safely in England. It provides instant second opinions by analyzing patient conditions, prescribing medications and highlighting potential adverse effects. Developed by Professor David Clifton's team, DrugGPT offers comprehensive specifications and competitive performance, easing the burden on doctors to keep up with evolving medical guidelines, reports The Guardian.

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2. Shikha Goel urges technologists to develop AI solutions for cybercrime

Additional DGP and TS Cyber ​​Security Bureau Director Shikha Goel called on technologists to develop AI solutions to combat cybercrime. Speaking at the AI ​​Days 2024 conference, she highlighted the transformative power of AI in law enforcement, but warned of the potential for abuse by criminals. Deccan Chronicle reported that Goel emphasized the need for innovative AI tools to analyze data, predict crime and improve communication for the police force.

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3. Intel's Core Ultra Chips: Delivering Next-Gen Laptops for Content Creators and Gamers

Intel's latest Core Ultra processors, featuring built-in Neural Processing Units (NPU), target content creators and gamers. These chips, integrated into Lenovo's new laptops, promise faster performance and native AI capabilities. With up to 30 percent lower power consumption and twice the performance of 3D graphics, users will experience better visuals and longer battery life. Intel aims to reach over 100 million AI PC users by 2025, Times Now reported.

4. BJP to use AI translation tool for PM Modi's speeches in South India

The BJP plans to use Bhashini, an AI-based real-time translation tool embedded in the Namo app, to overcome language barriers in South India. With this, PM Modi's speeches in Hindi can be instantly translated into local languages, helping communication across regions. The tool aims for 90 percent accuracy, improving audience engagement and widening the BJP's reach in the upcoming elections, The Telegraph India reported.

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5. Tech entrepreneur creates AI tool for virtual interactions with deceased loved ones

Artur Sychov, a tech entrepreneur, developed the AI-based virtual reality tool “Live Forever Mode” after his father's cancer diagnosis. The tool creates digital avatars that mimic a person's voice, habits and movements, allowing loved ones to interact with them after death. While it has been praised for preserving memories, Sky News reports that concerns are raised over the use of ethical implications and existential fears for commercial purposes.

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