5 things you might have missed about AI today: AI to translate sign language, OpenAI unveils new office in Tokyo, more

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AI Roundup: A Pune-based startup, Glowatrix has leveraged artificial intelligence (AI) technology to introduce a voice translation device for sign languages. This is a great step towards removing communication barriers among the deaf community. In other news, OpenAI looks for expansions and opens a new office in Tokyo. Learn more about such AI news from today.

  1. A Pune startup leverages AI to translate sign language

Glowatrix, a startup founded by Parikshit Sohoni and Aishwarya Karnataka, has announced a device for office communications that provides voice to sign language translation. The device is integrated with AI, which enables the device to understand gestures. To train the system, the device tracks details about movement, enabling it to recognize the sign. Currently the company has raised funds 75 lakhs, according to the Moneycontrol report.

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2. OpenAI opens new office in Tokyo

As part of its global expansion, popular AI startup OpenAI has opened its new office in Tokyo. The move also demonstrates the company's efforts to expand international operations. Following the opening of offices in London and Dublin, the Tokyo office will be the first in the whole of Asia. Furthermore, according to a Bloomberg report, OpenAI is also planning to open offices in Japan due to the country's growing interest in AI adoption.

3. New AI software to create music from video images

Cinnafilm Inc. has announced a new feature of its PixelStrings media transformation products that creates music from video content. According to the press release, AI-powered PixelStrings analyzes video content and extracts musical themes and synthesizes instrumental notes and vocal harmonies from colors and shapes. However, note that it can only create music from video content.

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4. Delhi Police's senior cyber crime officer talks about AI-generated deepfake

As elections in India approach, growing concerns about AI-generated deepfakes continue to grow. Cybersecurity experts are constantly sharing warnings about the misuse of artificial intelligence and deepfake technology. About the challenges ahead, a senior cyber crime officer of the Delhi Police said, “Deepfake videos and voice cloning are two tools that are heavily used in election campaigns. By the time it was noticed, the damage had already been done due to the spread on social media,” a PTI report said.

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5. PM Modi asked RBI to develop new banking architecture for future needs

On the 90th anniversary of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged the central bank to develop a new banking structure to fund future needs. He also talked about how artificial intelligence and blockchain are reshaping the banking sector. “In such a situation, we have to think about necessary changes in the country's banking sector and its structure,” PM Modi said, according to an ANI report.

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