5 things you might have missed about AI today: AI recreates singers' voices, IIT Madras to set up AI school and more

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AI Roundup: Today, January 30, there are many noteworthy developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). IIT Madras Rs. 100 crores to set up Wadhwani School of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Meanwhile, AR Rahman revealed how AI was used to recreate the voice of two late singers for a song in his upcoming film Laal Salaam.

All this, and more in today's AI roundup.

1. AI recreates the voices of late singers: AR Rahman

Taking to his X account, music composer and producer AR Rahman shared Post Sony Music South reveals how AI was used to recreate the voices of two late singers Bamba Bakya and Shahul Hameed. The song Timiri Eedda was composed for Rajinikanth's upcoming film Lal Salaam. While the news divided the internet, Rahman revealed that apart from taking permission from the families of the late singers, he also offered remuneration.

2. Generative AI helps identify merger and acquisition targets

In its annual report released on Tuesday, management consulting firm Bain & Co. That said, dealmakers are turning to generative AI to identify targets for mergers and acquisitions. A total of 300 M&A practitioners were surveyed and 16 percent claimed to have used generative AI in the past to close deals. Moreover, 80 percent of people say they will implement Gen AI in the next three years. Suzanne Kumar, vice president in Bain's M&A practice and co-author of the report, said, “The long-term question is whether companies will also use Gen AI for decision making”.

3. Synechron launches ready-to-use AI solutions

Digital transformation consulting firm Synechron has announced the launch of a suite of nine AI solutions that are ready to deploy within weeks. According to the release, Synechron Nexus is designed to span the nexus between human expertise and AI while enabling users to automate manual intensive tasks, increase project speed, increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs across various key business functions. It includes tools like Synechron Amplifai, Synechron Clarifai, Synechron Replai, Synechron Codifai, Synechron Verifai, Synechron Identifai and more.

4. Entera released a key feature for Global Tally

AI-based accounting software company Entera Global on Tuesday announced the launch of a new feature for its Entera product. According to the release, this feature allows users to import any bank statement into Tally, streamlining financial processes and reducing manual workload for accountants. Entera uses an AI algorithm to ensure accuracy in current tasks and remember user ledgers for future actions. The feature supports statements from major banks in India including State Bank of India, AXIS, Bank of India, Canara, HDFC, ICICI, Indian Bank, Kotak, Punjab National Bank, Samrudhi Bank, UCO, Union Bank, Bank of India. Maharashtra and others.

5. Establishment of IIT Madras School of Data Science and AI

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras on Tuesday Rs. 100 crores to set up Wadhwani School of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. According to a PTI report, the amount was donated by former alumnus Sunil Wadhwani, co-founder and CEO of Mastech, Inc. And sent through IGATE. Aiming to be a leading AI-focused school globally, the Wadhwani School of Data Science and AI also aims to advise the government and on data science and AI-related policy areas, the release said.

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