5 things you may have missed about AI today: China's BIGAI unveils Tang Tong, jobs and AI, more

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China's BIGAI unveils Tong Tong, the world's first emotionally intelligent AI entity, echoing Iron Man's Jarvis; House of Lords urges UK ministers to protect content creators from unauthorized AI use; Bank of England governor upbeat on AI impact, dismisses job destruction fears; Apple CEO Tim Cook Confirms Productive AI Features Coming 'Later This Year' – This and More in Our Daily Roundup Let's have a look.

1. China's BIGAI Unveils Tong Tong: The World's First Emotionally Intelligent AI Entity Echoing Iron Man's Jarvis

An AI scientist from China has created the world's first AI entity, Tong Tong, with emotions and intelligence reminiscent of Iron Man's Jarvis. Unveiled at the Beijing Exhibition by the Beijing Institute for General Artificial Intelligence (BIGAI), Tong Tong demonstrates advanced capabilities, problem-solving skills and autonomous task assignment. Unlike traditional AI models, Tong Tong is designed for autonomous learning, displaying emotions such as happiness, anger and sadness, while actively trying to understand human-taught common sense and shape the future, First Post reported.

2. House of Lords asks UK ministers to protect content creators from unauthorized AI use

A House of Lords committee has called on UK ministers to protect content creators used by tech firms for AI development. The committee highlights the inability of the current legal framework to enforce copyright principles amid the rise of AI. It stressed that some technology firms use copyrighted material without permission, particularly in the training of large language models (LLMs) for chatbots, urging the government to address copyright issues and update the law if legal uncertainties persist, The Guardian reported.

3. Bank of England governor upbeat on AI impact, dismisses job destruction fears

Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey has assured that artificial intelligence (AI) will not be a “major job destroyer”. Bailey, an economic historian, is optimistic about people working alongside machines, economies and jobs will adapt. The bank's report points to businesses investing in AI and notes its positive impact on productivity. According to a BBC report, the House of Lords committee wants to embrace the benefits of AI and not just focus on the risks.

4. Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed the arrival of productive AI features 'later this year'

Apple CEO Tim Cook has confirmed the upcoming integration of productive artificial intelligence (AI) features into Apple products as the company lags behind in the AI ​​race compared to rivals like Google and Samsung. Cook, during quarterly earnings, will reveal ongoing AI developments and anticipate sharing details later this year, underscoring the significant opportunity that productive AI presents for Apple's future.

5. AMD bets on AI-powered PCs to challenge Nvidia and Intel in growing market

AMD President Victor Peng is confident that AI-powered PCs can compete with Nvidia and Intel in the intensifying AI race. Predicting the expanding market for AI PCs, Peng expects adoption to pick up in the second half of the year. Canalys predicts that 60 percent of PCs shipped in 2027 will be AI-capable, which it attributes to growing interest in productive AI, particularly spurred by the viral launch of ChatGPT. According to a CNBC report, AMD is well on its way with the recent Ryzen 8000G series announcements.

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