5 things about AI you might have missed today: Sachin Bansal, UK-Britain Partner on AI Security, talks AI and more

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AI Roundup: The US and Britain have joined hands to tackle the dangers and challenges posed by artificial intelligence (AI). The two countries will work together to bring AI security to future generations of technology. In other news, deeptech startup Satsur plans to revamp agriculture finance by using technology like AI. This allows industries to improve decision making. All this and more in our AI roundup today, April 2.

  1. US-Britain partner to bring AI security to future technology

The United States and Britain have announced their partnership in artificial intelligence security science. Officials today signed a new memorandum of understanding to advance cooperation and act on growing concerns about next-generation technologies. The country will jointly develop advanced AI model testing. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said, “This partnership fully accelerates the work of our two organizations to address the risks of our national security concerns and the concerns of our broader society,” a Reuters report said.

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2. IBM Watsonx Announces Productive AI Features

IBM and The Masters Tournament announced new AI features for the Masters app and Masters.com. The platform is based on golf insights and tournaments, enabling users to access shot-by-shot hole insights and provide data-driven analysis. Additionally, IBM will also integrate AI-enabled Spanish-language storytelling into the platform. The release also highlighted that features are built on IBM's Watsonx generative AI and large language models.

3. Navi founder Sachin Bansal talks about AI in business

Former Flipkart CEO Sachin Bansal, in an interview, revealed how the use of AI has benefited many business sectors. Bansal, the current CEO of financial firm Navi, said, “We have started using generative AI in some areas. And it gives good results. I think customer support is very good.” According to the Moneycontrol report, he highlighted the use of Microsoft Copilot for coding and talked about how AI models are used to extract data from images and videos.

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4. TransUnion invests in India's DeepTech startup SatSure

Deeptech startup SatSure uses satellite imagery and artificial intelligence to improve decision-making across a range of sectors including agriculture, finance, utilities, aviation and forestry. To support the move, TransUnion has invested heavily while other leading banks like HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank and Kotak Mahindra Bank have backed the startup. TransUnion CIBIL and SatSure partnership will develop CIBIL Credit & Farm Report (CCFR) for agriculture-based financing, according to the release.

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5. OpenAI withdraws ownership of Sam Altman's startup funds

ChatGPT-maker OpenAI has announced a new governance structure for its venture capital fund. With the new decisions, OpenAI Startup Fund will remove CEO Sam Altman from its ownership. This is because Altman has no financial interest in the fund despite his ownership. Currently, the AI ​​startup fund has raised $175 million from Microsoft, Ian Hathaway and others, according to a Reuters report.

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